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2017-05-19 (25 photos) 
Relaxing in the hot tub fully dressed. Skin tight leopard print dress. And wet stocking tops showing....
2017-05-12 (17 photos) 
Alexis tries the cool wet hair flip effect with a twist. She's fully dressed....
2017-05-05 (19 photos) 
Jumping into the pool and swimming underwater fully dressed, Cuban stockings, high heels, belt, dress and all....
2017-04-28 (24 photos) 
Falling into the pool fully clothed. Then getting out of the pool fully clothed....
2017-03-17 (32 photos from the archives) 
White ankle boots are always sexy when wet so be sure to keep them on when bathing....
2017-03-10 (15 photos from the archives) 
After rolling around in the surf fully clothed, Alexis Kay Lee is soaking wet and almost loses one of her Christian Louboutin Pigalles in a wave. Nice shots of her shiny wet stockings and leather shoes as she steps out of the water....
2017-03-03 (17 photos from the archives) 
After a photo shoot on the beach Alexis and her Louboutin Pigalles are sandy and dirty, her stockings and dress are wet and she's hot. She figures she's wet anyway so decides to put her Louboutins back on and step into the ocean to wash them. The cool water feels so good she decides to completely soak her dress and stockings too....
2017-02-24 (19 photos from the archives) 
Anne looks even more gorgeous when the black light highlights her curves. Splahes of water running against her body complete this sexy wet look....


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