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2017-03-24 (21 photos) 
Alexis is sexy when wet in her red dress, sheer black stockings and Christian Louboutin high heels....
2013-05-20 (25 photos) 
She leans over to reach for the catalog in an attempt to retrieve it without stepping into deeper water. Unfortunately for her she loses her balance and ends up falling in soaking her entire work outfit. And she has to be back in the office for a meeting in 30 minutes. Looks like she has to show up dripping wet....
0000-00-00 (41 photos) 
Sneakers and athletic wear wet in the lake....
2017-03-17 (32 photos) 
White ankle boots are always sexy when wet so be sure to keep them on when bathing....
2017-01-20 (24 photos from the archives) 
Kate gets her strappy wedge sandals dirty on rough terrain then decides to light up a cigarette and step into the lake to wash them....
2017-01-13 (17 photos from the archives) 
When she gets over the initial shock of falling into the water fully dressed, she realizes she's really enjoying herself in the water. She usually is so proper due to the strict office dress code. The pencil skirts and high heels. It feels so good be completely wet, to have water fill her leather shoes and her wet blouse become transparent and stick to her skin....
2017-01-06 (17 photos from the archives) 
She can't believe this. She is soaked head to toe from her perfect hair to her $400 Stuart Weitzman office pumps....
2016-12-30 (42 photos from the archives) 
A unique way to wash her shoes and clothes....


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